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Our Origins

Our founder, Younas Chaudhary, started his first oil and gas company from the side room of his garage in Chanute, Kansas in 1979.

Later, from Wichita, Kansas, he launched Pioneer Exploration in 1983, and Atlas followed. Atlas and Pioneer are affiliate companies that operate oil & gas wells in multiple states.

Our main focus has been to be a family business that bring those same family values to our day to day business operations.  Our founder has put the company in a place for success for future generations of his family so they can continue his shared vision and legacy..

What makes us unique?

3 factors have contributed to our longevity and success:

Efficient Operations: We work hard to conduct lean operations and try not to waste any resources. Operational efficiencies with direct communications in our oil and gas operations has not only sustained us through highly volatile energy markets, but actually grown our company .

Consistency: Through ups and downs in volatile markets, our approach has stayed the same to remain an efficient operator.

Management: We take an entrepreneurial approach to our business. Our management style is prudent and simplistic.

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Atlas Operating LLC
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