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High Quality Asset Base

In the eighties and nineties, we expanded our operations in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas by strategically buying oil & gas wells with large leaseholds and implementing a long-term plan to own and develop these assets.

This strategy has been successful and one that we still abide by to this day. Today we have a significant asset base, with a large acreage inventory for development projects and exploration opportunities that we have undertaken ourselves and developed strategic partners in the industry to pursue alongside our team.

Atlas humbly prides itself that majority  of our assets have low decline rates with mature production.

Superior Acquisitions

Over the years we have taken a contrarian approach to our acquisitions, which has led to our success over the years. We are constantly seeking strategic acquisitions in all areas, especially where they complement our existing assets. Our acquisitions over the past few years have a strong producing asset base with strong development upside that we value and will provide for long life reserves.

Low Cost Operations

Over the years, we have learned effective ways to make our operations more efficient by closely monitoring all aspects of our operations without sacrificing the quality of our operations. We focus on reducing waste and Environmental impact as we further grow our company.

The Spivey Gas Plant

Spivey Gas Plant: We operate the Spivey Gas Plant, a lean oil absorption gas processing facility that is capable of handling 66 MMCF of gas per day in Harper County, Kansas.

2018 Major Acquisitions

Gaither Petroleum- Purchase of South Texas assets consisting of 370 BOED across many counties in Texas. This purchase was a large piece of Gaither Petroleum’s portfolio that consisted of conventional and unconventional wells, solidifying a presence for Atlas Operating in South Texas alongside their already large Texas portfolio. 

2019 Major Acquisitions

Abraxas Petroleum– Atlas Operating purchased Abraxas Petroleum’s entire South Texas portfolio, marking a complete exit for Abraxas in South Texas. This further developed a position in South Texas with Horizontal wells with over 330 BOED with 7,000 acres of minerals to develop with surface acreage as well

Sundance Energy– Atlas Operating purchased Sundance Energy’s South Texas assets further developing there operations in South Texas. This included 805 BOED of Oil and Gas as well as  over 11,000 acres ready for development with a proved value of over $100MM. The assets consisted of unconventional wells with many newly drilled Eagleford wells. 

Atlas has Properties for sale in Louisiana, Texas and Oklahoma.
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Acquisition & Divestiture Strategy

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